A Beautiful Love Story

I had the pleasure of meeting Mohammed and Ilhaam on their wedding day in January earlier this year. I always find it such a privilege to experience the love that two humans have for one another, as a wedding photographer that is something that you get a unique look into as you spend the whole day with the couple on one of the most memorable days in their lives. I Love that each person has their own story and way of celebrating their wedding day and especially when they stick true to their values.

This was my first time photographing a


What a new experience for me. In my wedding photography career this was my first time photographing a Nikah. I love new experiences and getting to witness it all was a unique photographing opportunity for me. I look forward to more to come and getting to be creative in such a unique location. I feel like I learnt so much about the Islamic culture and feel I now have a greater experience on how this tradition takes place.

Mohammed with the Imãm


I really enjoyed photographing Ilhaam interacting with her close friends and family at the end of the Nikah, I feel that I got to capture some really special moments. The emotion displayed is really a testimony to how much she is loved by those closest to her and how happy they are on such a special occasion.

Ilhaam with her Mother & Father

The Rings

Moments with Mohammed and Ilhaam at the Mosque / Masjid

Groom & Bride Prep

We moved on to Groom & Bride Prep where we got to continue interacting with one another and a few laughs in between.

01 / 11

First Look

We moved to

Reception & Canapés

We got to capture some of the decor and details of the day as well as interact with some of the incredible guests at the wedding.

Family Photos

We snuck away


We ran away for a short while to capture some special moments with Mohammed and Ilhaam before the sun ended its shift for the day.

Thank you for reading this Love story with me!

See you soon

Thank you for reading this Love story with me!

See you soon

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